The Academy

During these last years we have been developing our academy in Malaga, helping boys and girls from all over the world to be able to make the sport they like the most compatible with their studies.

Looking ahead to the 2023/24 season, we moved to Madrid to continue developing the academy with the same goal that we have been doing so far.

The Academy. Objectives.

The Academy is a combined project between the Chus Mateo Academy SL and Aristos European School which main goal is to afford a great education with the best in basketball development training for student athletes.

This Sporting & Educational Program is aimed at all student athletes around the world, young men and young women of 12 to 19 years old who have the drive to excel in both their studies and basketball skills.

Our methodology allows our players to be fitted in the grade corresponding to their actual age at Aristos European School, which is one of the most renowned high schools in Madrid, and at the same time raise their basketball skills thanks to Chus Mateo Academy personalized program.

The closely monitored communication and organization between Aristos and the Chus Mateo Academy allows players to achieve excellent results both on the court and in the classroom. We seek to immediately integrate our students through Spanish support classes and individual tutorial sessions.

The Sport Goal is to improve our players both technically and physically, preparing them for the highest level of competition. We develop a top notch European level Training Program which is individually designed for each of the student athletes.

Technical Improvement Program and Technical Management.

This Technical and Physical Improvement Program, supervised by Chus Mateo (Real Madrid Head Coach), is designed to fulfil the individual needs of every component of the Academy according to the age, the position and the technical and physical level of the athletic.

Chus Mateo is the Academy Manager who has thirty years of experience as a coach of both: team formation and international first level teams.

To accomplish this individual work, players become part of the Club Baloncesto Aristos, training with their team during the week, competing every weekend in Madrid Championship and having the possibility to participate in Spanish Championship at the end of the season.

Aristos European School has the required facilities for sports. The sports complex includes: covered sports hall, outdoors multi-sport courts, swimming pools, gym, physiotherapy room, etc.

The athletic should pass a medical exam before his inclusion in the Technical Improvement Program which asses the different physical and anthropometric aspects needed that allow us to elaborate an appropriate individual working program for each of them.

Our professionals do not forget about instilling players a sports education such as converting the body care into an habitual practice, teaching healthy warm-up and stretching exercises routines or healthy dietary habit. We also try to transmit basketball values such as comradeship, effort, cooperation in order to get the team goal, will to succeed or respect to opponents, trainers, mates, game rules…

Student Housing

Resting is the the key for players. That is the reason why Aristos European School provides a Student Housing for their players which is situated in the same facilities than the school. It is a quiet area perfect for studying and resting.

Players have a tutor who watch over them and who accompanies the players and provides everything they need. The Student Housing has WiFi and all conveniences required for players to feel like home. Formation is for us a whole thing composed of 24 hours a day in which it is included player’s nutrition and resting.


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